12 Dec 2009

Didst thou win the lottery?

No, I didn't. I translated the randomly selected word 'didst' into numbers. (didst = 4,9,4,19,20) If these numbers are read as a whole the only possible lottery numbers are; 4,9,19,20,41,49. Only two of my numbers came up this week. I checked the last 6 months of archived draws and I wouldn't have won anything on any of those either.


28 Oct 2009

The Dictionary Project

Inspired by Dada and the pursuit of a truly random work of art, I set myself the task of cutting out every entry from a dictionary. After this huge investment of time I would randomly select one word. The word might be deeply meaningful, ridiculous or (in all likelihood) anticlimactic. The collection of over 150,000 harvested words could then be used for other random projects.